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Luxury Skincare - Is it worth it?

Cher once said ’Men are not a necessity. they are a luxury’, and I couldn’t find a more apt metaphor to explain Skincare.

Luxury Skincare is not a necessity, it’s a as the name suggests - a luxury! and like anything luxurious unless it makes you feel amazing & like a million bucks (no, it’s not worth it!)

If you’re taking out a second mortgage in the hopes that your skin is going to fix itself overnight because you invested in a £££ bottle of Skincare, admit to yourself it’s not going to happen.

Like everything else in life, great skin is the de facto outcome of a C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T routine and not wholly limited to just Skincare products. It includes your food, exercise, sleep and just relaxing once in a while.

After years of lusting over £££ bottles of la prairie, la mer, 30 ml Dior skin serums that cost over £100 a bottle, etc I can now confidently say I do enjoy a treat once in a while and if it smells great and makes you feel good buy that bottle, just so you don’t regret it. But remember, don’t compromise on yourself to make space for that £££ in your shelves because the truth is a £10 nivea E45 moisturiser can do the same thing. We just don’t like to admit that to ourselves. ;)

Think of your relationship with your skin as you would with any person, if you put in time, effort and love, there‘s no way things wouldn’t work out. Use a daily cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Use sunscreen when you leave the house. Use an under eye cream (Any cream!). Exfoliate twice a week!

But if you think slapping on a £300 cream is going to fix the fact that you’ve slept with make up three times in a row, you haven’t had a proper meal in weeks or you’re overwhelmed with stress, then get real hun- it’s probably not going to work! (the relationship or the cream 😄)

Instagram can make anything look appealing, remember do your research, read reviews and buy a sample size especially if the product is expensive. Often the costs from luxury products comes from the packaging & clever marketing rather than the ingredients themselves. Flip the bottle over and compare the products with a cheaper alternative to see if there’s any difference or it’s just clever marketing!

Pro Tip: Don’t invest your £££ on packaging/clever branding! Learn to tell the difference between what works for your skin & what doesn’t. Go for products that give you value for your money & reciprocate by making you feel good :)

Happy Tuesday! (I know it’s been a while but I’m happy to report I’m on my way back!) :)))

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