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Dealing with Stressed Skin? Here are my top tips to save your skin from the ongoing Corona Crisis!

There's a giant elephant in the room, and It's going to be here for a long time so this post is to address it! As most of us have been staying indoors (hopefully), here's a few tips to keep your skin looking fresh & clean without using too many skincare products that are difficult to find/purchase during the lockdown.

Tip 1 - Don't forego your skincare routine!

I know it's difficult trying to keep up a 3-5 step skincare routine twice a day especially if you have nowhere to go! It may seem pointless in the short term, but trust me your skin needs the extra TLC! My suggestion is to keep it simple, and use fewer products but remember the basics -cleanse, tone and moisturise! For those of you wondering what I using/looking for suggestions of products that work, here's a list of my fail-safe daily skincare essentials at the moment:

Cleanser - I'm currently using the Dr.Sebagh Breakout Foaming Cleanser (For Oily Skin) because I felt my skin was oilier than usual (normally I have combination skin). On the days I feel like my skin is particularly dull or needs a lift, I use the Fresh Cosmetics Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash which I have mentioned in a previous blog!

Toner - Always stays the same! (& has for years) Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2. It's a strong alcoholic based toner but it really does deep clean your pores and prevent build up. If you're not sure about which type you are (1,2,3) take a quiz online or pop into one of their stores, where one of their very kind agents can help you (As if!), I mean when this is all over!

Serum - I've been alternating between the Dior Capture Youth Redness Soother Age-Delay Serum for the day and for the night I tend to use the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (that a friend gifted me for secret santa a year go, Thanks Trisha! <3) Having used both, I don't know if either could be classified as effective anti-ageing treatments! While this was my second bottle of the very expensive dior serum which I'm partial too because of the divine smell, I don't think I'd buy the Estee night repair again! I find the hype around this product unjustified, though I have to say I use the under eye cream from the same range as a primer & I swear by it! (More deets on this later!)

Moisturiser - My favourite Clinique Moisture Surge! I tend to finish off my skincare routine with a lip balm/mask by Laneige. It's meant to be a sleeping mask but I use it once in the morning & once at night before bed. For the moment I don't wear sunscreen, because well wearing sunscreen at home would be the equivalent of putting on jeans instead of pj's! *Useless and disappointing* - whoever got the Cindrella Story reference! (Yes I have been re-watching alot of these hehe)

Tip 2 - Have your vitamins! Especially C & D!

Since the lockdown, we've all had little direct sunlight (if at all), and fresh fruits & veggies aren't as easily accessible as we're used too. In short, our diets have changed, and so it's important to not only eat meals that are as nutritious as possible but also contain essential vitamins that are good for your overall immunity, mood and skin! A good and easy way to incorporate this into your routine, is to have a d-rise tablet once a week (or according to the dosage) and a soluble vitamin C tablet like Berocca.

Vitamin C is one of the core components of collagen (responsible for skin cell regeneration). The older you get, the lower the amount of natural collagen your skin produces, so you definitely don't want to skimp on this! I love the orange flavour and add it to sparkling water or soda for a yummy healthy addition, instead of coffee (which dehydrates your skin) to breakfast/lunch!

Tip 3 - Hydrate!

I love water, anyone who knows me will attest for this! and there's nothing better for your skin than 2-3 litres of it every single day! Not only does it help regulate your weight (you don't snack as much unnecessarily) but it really helps rid your body, and hence your skin of toxins. A great way to know if you're getting enough water is by the colour of your urine (if it's white, it's right!) or if you don't struggle with chapped lips. Lately my roommate and I have also introduced drinking ginger, lemon and honey tea into our routine, since it's meant to keep your throat virus-free, *shoot me if I'm wrong but I'm a believer*. We've been out of fresh ginger since ages, instead I got my hands on this candied ginger bottle which is YUM! If you can't get your hands on this and have access to fresh ginger, here's a recipe with home ingredients to make it: Let me know in the comments below if you decide to try this out!

Tip 4 - Meditate/Pray/Talk to a close confidante

Speaking about virus symptoms, deaths, claustrophobia or helplessness at home 24/7 can all take a toll on your skin. If you've been suffering from unexplained breakouts or unusually sensitive skin, chances are you're STRESSED! A great way to calm yourself is take a few moments to assure yourself that this is temporary and will pass. Download an app like Headspace which I love using for a few minutes to clear my head, I also like to pray and mentally note the things I am grateful for today, i.e having a roof over my head or just food for my next meal or my family/friends to check in on me everyday. My grandmother always used to say remember inward beauty always shines outward :)

Though if this doesn't work (for those of you with sightlier sassier personalities like me), I've got you covered! Use a few dabs of the Clincitop gel for a few nights consecutively or until the breakout subsides (it always works for me!) This is readily & easily available at any pharmacy in India! The packaging might look a bit old school, but trust me IT WORKS!


Staying in means not as much movement or exercise. It also means restricted blood circulation to your skin (if you're wondering why you don't look as glowy as you did pre quarantine). My top tip is to either stretch, do yoga, or some form of exercise to keep your blood circulation going. Sweat is also a great way to release skin toxins! If you're not the exercise type, which I have to say I haven't been lately, use a massager! This works great too! A body & face massager once in a while! I have a natural jade face roller that I like to use to increase circulation and blood flow to my face. I'd suggest leaving it in the freezer or fridge for 20 minutes before use. I don't remember where exactly I'd purchased mine from (maybe Anthropologie in the UK) but they're readily available online in various stone types (jade, quartz, crystal). Once you've cleansed and washed your face, I like to use a face oil like Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil (Light), available here: and an ice cold roller in upward motions from my chin.I use the smaller side underneath my eyes (remember to be careful & not put too much pressure as that area is generally more sensitive!)

Let me know if any of these tips helped in the comments below! On a side note, Happy Weekend, lots of love & stay positive xx Farah

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