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Hair Removal in the time of Corona

Ok I absolutely had to do this post! I've seen just about over a 100 memes and after so many conversations with all my girlfriends about the pains of grooming in isolation, I realised what better time to post this than now? Since most of us do not have access to our usual waxing ladies/salons, here are a few things that might work for you this month & keep you looking looking presentable (for all those house party calls!)

1) Facial Wax Strips - These are life saviours! Easy and quick to use, I'd say painfree but I'd be lying. I've been using facial wax strips for years, when I was younger I had experimented with hot wax and a muslin cloth, but I think a good facial strip works the best to remove unruly facial hair! As most of us have, I've tried the Veet & Sally hansen strips, both of which I think pale in comparison to a brand that I was introduced to by my sister's mom in law (Thanks @Samriti aunty) - NADS. These strips are honestly one of the best buys, and remove the smallest & most stubborn facial hair. The consistency and texture of the wax stays the same even if stored for months, (unlike the veet strips which sometimes when you pull them apart have areas of missing wax, especially an old strip)

This packet has about 20 facial strips (2 in each) and retails for about £7.99 in the UK and are available at Boots, Superdrug ( or online on amazon. I think they're relatively easy to find in the US as well, however unfortunately still not available in India. At 7.99, you are essentially paying 40 pence or 38 INR for a smooth upperlip wax which is incredibly affordable! (not to mention it's convenient and they're easy to travel with for holidays as well). Along with the strips, the packet also comes with a few cleansing oil wipes for after wax care. (Pro tip: I love holding on to these and using them as make up removing wipes when I'm travelling - they work brilliantly to get off even waterproof make up) In comparison to the Veet face hair removal wipes which usually retail around £6.59, they are slightly more expensive but having used both, I'd definitely say invest in these, as with the veet ones I often end up using more than 2 in one wax & end up with a bad facial burn!

2) (At Home) Derma Planning - I've never actually been to a Salon to Derma-plan before and randomly chanced upon these facial razors at my nail salon for the first time. I went back and googled them, and have since been using them to get rid of my peach fuzz (small light unwanted facial hair) for about a year or two years now and I definitely think it's been useful for times when I just need a quick fix solution that's VIRTUALLY PAINLESS! (++) I know alot of people are against shaving their faces because *shudder* what if it grows back thicker? or you actually end up having more facial hair than you did before? but I can tell you from experience, none of these things happen. It's almost a sort of dry razor, (it's not even very sharp to touch) that you can use all over your face to get rid of dead skin and excess baby hair. I usually do this once in 2-3 months because it doesn't grow back very soon for me (excluding your regular areas such as eyebrows and upperlip). I wash my face, pat dry and then use downward motions (as you would if you were shaving regularly) to go around my cheeks, chin, forehead, nose etc. I don't really bother with against/along the grain because the hair is so fine that personally I don't think it matters. I buy a disposable pack of three, and once I've used it once, I throw away the razor (because it's not that sharp for multiple uses & it wouldn't be hygienic to re-use them unless you're sterilising it with an alcohol based disinfectant). I usually buy my razors off amazon in a pack of 3 ( and in terms of cost, they are extremely affordable! It's approximately £2-3 for a pack of 3 or less if you find a good bargain!

As you can see above, the blade is relatively blunt and tiny. In terms of brands to buy, I've used two so far, the tinkle ones above (which I would recommend for beginners!) and have recently tried the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Perfect Finish (£2.99) available here: I find the Wilkinson one slightly heavier and sharper - so don't use this if you've never done this before! I did nick a little bit of my eyebrow off a few months ago and it was just the most annoying thing! Thank god for Anastasia's Beverly Hills Brow Wiz! *life saviour*. Just a few things to remember are:

1) Be careful! - it is a blade after all, and the last thing you want to do is end up with a cut or a scrap (especially when you can't get to a doctor/dermat)

2) Take your time - I think this is especially important. Find a spot with good lighting so you can see exactly what you're doing and don't nick of your eyebrows or leave patchy spots behind!

3) DISPOSE DISPOSE DISPOSE! I cant stress this enough, since it does get rid of peach fuzz and dead skin cells, keeping this back in the cupboard and using it on your face could be the worst thing for your skin! (I've never done this but I don't think it would end well)

4) Don't use make up, chemical exfoliants, anything harsh on your skin for atleast 24 hours after. I'd suggest using just cold water & staying out of the sun (no problem doing this since we're all indoors anyway!). After 24 hours, you can go back to your usual skincare routine!

Another thing to be cautious about, (not really a tip) but something I noticed was that after Derma-planning your skin is alot more sensitive to products & prone to breakout if you don't take care of it. The first time I derma-planned at home and went back to my regular routine, I noticed many small breakouts/pimples. Make up as well as oil tends to build up on your skin more easily. I'd even suggest changing your pillowcases as often as you can! Another reason for a breakout could also be ingrown hair or when the hair starts growing back (that's why it's even more important to take your time & be patient!). I'm linking a few most watched youtube videos here about how to derma plan to help get you started :)

I've also found a before/after picture to show you what the end result should look like. Unfortunately I don't have one for myself, but hope this helps!

3) Exfoliating - One way to remove excess hair is to use the good old indian 'Malish' technique. It does significantly reduce hair growth in the long run, and since we all have eons of time for a long shower, why not spend a few extra minutes using a body/face scrub? Two scrubs that I absolutely love and have been obsessed with are Sanctuary Spa Body Exfoliator Salt Scrub £22 (for the entire jar!), available online at Boots, Superdrug or Amazon ( Another great great body scrub is the Forest Essentials Body Polisher Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose (300 gms) INR 2875, What I love about this is it comes with a tiny wooden spoon for easy extraction, and the grain isn't too harsh on your body. It also retails with a tiny bottle of scented oil for aftercare which is perfect post exfoliation! If you don't want to invest in products, then a good way to exfoliate is by using gloves, a dry brush or a face buff. All available at bodyshop here:

They range from £4.00 to £10 (also available in India) and can be used with your existing soap/shower gel. The long handle cactus brush is also great to reduce (or try too) cellulite!

P.S - also investing in a good pair of tweezers always helps! Personally, I don't advocate shaving but I know at some point I'm going to cave! LOL cause who knows how long this is going to last??

Happy reading! Stay safe, xx Farah

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