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The Ultimate Virtual Care Package!!!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I won't lie, it's the first time in years that I've been away from home for such a long time and while a part of me revels in being the glorious self sufficient, art appreciating, chardonnay drinking adult I always wanted to be, there are times I miss being around people who know me better than I know myself.

I miss random gifts, spontaneous plans, and making memories together!!! If you do too, keep reading....

Today I watched a really cute Buzzfeed video on strangers making a (real) care package for each other, and I was inspired. Sure we might be miles away, but from what I've learned in this life so far, it's the thought that always counts! :)

So I have a really cool game you can play with those close to you (much like a digital new age secret santa), which will give you all those college care package feels & definitely leave you smiling :)

Here's how it works:

Each person in the group (or between the two of you) curates a list for ONE other person keeping them in mind. (preferably new things)

What's special about this care package is it doesn't cost a thing $$$ (PREACH JLO!) but it does need an open mind and a little bit of creativity!

Here's the list, each virtual care package MUST have:

1) 1 movie (they would love or need to see right now)

2) 1 song/playlist they would love or should listen too - this could even be a band!

3) 1 Inspirational quote you think they need to read/hear which resonates the most with their goals

4) 1 outfit you've picked out (can be from any designer or online store or insta handle) that you think they'd rock - I prefer picking options that are realistic so that if they can actually buy them, it'll always remind them of you :) (plus retail therapy fixes everything! QURAN! - whoever missed the KUWTK Bible reference - please watch an episode. You're welcome!)

5) 1 recipe you think they'd love (keep in mind not only the kind of food the person you're making this for likes but also how good they are in the kitchen and what resources they have available to them - This way they're more likely to actually cook!) - If you haven't already I'd suggest donating & getting a copy of my brilliant 14 recipe quarantine cookbook - quick, healthy and delicious! *shameless self promotion on self promotion*

6) 1 workout you think they'd enjoy - this could be anything from a youtube link to an app to a customised workout that you've made for them - remember the idea is not to make an incredibly tough workout, it's to give them something they'd enjoy but just haven't discovered yet themselves!

7) 1 Amazon item you think they need right now - Since Amazon has been doing a fab job in most countries at being operational, and since they're pretty much a one-stop shop for any and everything, this is a great quarantine suggestion. (for example: for someone who has been spending hours in front of multiple screens for work, I'd suggest buying an anti-blue light pair of glasses that'll help them sleep better :), mind you, this doesn't have to be super serious, you could even suggest something funny like a vibrator/boy equivalent for your especially frustrated quarantined friend. LOL

8) 1 book you think they need to read - this could be a book you think they need to read right now or in their life or just a favourite book of yours that you want to share with this person because... (have a good reason! don't make your friends/family read 1,000 pages of Tolstoy just because you think they need to be more cultured, if that's the goal - maybe start with Chaucer! just kidding, DON'T)

9) 1 meme/joke that they would LOVE and reminds you of their sense of humour - everyone in the world needs some laughs right now! (Go on, give me a giggle)

10) This one is my favourite - I love to travel with friends and family, and those trips are probably where I've made my most cherished memories. While not being able to go anywhere in lockdown is far from ideal (let's be honest, it sucks!), it has given me a new appreciation for when I can actually do those things with the people I love. So this is it - create a detailed itinerary for 1 place you think your friend/boyfriend/family member should visit in their life!

The reason I came up with this virtual self care package is because the truth is that sometimes the best things in life are free! We might be restricted by physical access/giving material gifts, but there are so many other ways to make someone feel like you're listening to them, and you're there for them.

When I'm doing this for someone, I would suggest giving them options that you think they might love/like but have not experienced themselves or not thought to venture down that path. Everything on Netflix, and prime and even my kindle seems so stale, that I would love for nothing more than a breath of fresh air (as I think most of us would right now). I think what makes this experience/game even more personalised and fun is if you "unwrap" it over drinks and actually tell whoever you did this for the reason behind picking the options you did (of course you can let them guess first too!)

These 10 options are great to begin with, but feel free to swap them out to customise them for your friend group. For example you could replace one of them with 1 Instagram account they need to follow! In fact just today one of my friends sent me a food/skincare account that I LOVED! I spent all day scrolling through Elisa (happyskinkitchen's feed), and honestly I would have never found her otherwise! (thanks Aar!!! check her out here:

I think we underestimate how much mental health and being happy plays a role in how you look - as my grandmother always said - Happy girls are the prettiest - I think we seriously underestimate how important it is to be happy on the inside to look beautiful on the outside. So here's to spreading positivity, and hoping that the only bags you ever have are Chanel (not those pesky under eye ones) and the only lifts you have are in your mood! ;)

Lots and lots of love, Farah xxx

(I'm always excited to hear your amazing feedback/personal experience stories, so feel free to DM me on @alldressedupandnowheretogo20 or leave comments below!)

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